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Upcoming Signings

Books available at the show for $20 including signature & tax | $35 mail order including S&H

Hockey Card Stories 2
By Ken Reid (Forewards by Sidney Crosby and Chris Carlin)

Signed by Ken Reid
Show Price: $20 including signature & tax

Mail Order: $35 including signature, tax, and shipping and handling

59 More True Tales from Your Favourite Players

A follow-up to the national bestseller Hockey Card Stories, Ken Reid's new offering presents 59 more stories about your favourite hockey cards from the players themselves. Hockey Card Stories 2 will take you all the way back to the 1960's and right up to the Hockey Card Boom of the 1990s. How did Eric Lindros handle being at the center of the 1990s rookie card craze? Ever wonder why one tough guy's Upper Deck card looks more like a high school yearbook picture than a sports card? Of course, once again, there are glorious mullets, errors, and broken noses. There's even the story of how a rhinoceros and a Hall of Famer ended up on a card together. And as a special bonus, Ken Reid reveals the story behind the chase for his greatest hockey card.


“Heading toward the holiday season, Hockey Card Stories 2 is a must-have for those that collect now or were card junkies during the boom years. Reid tells some entertaining tales and seems to have put a lot of consideration into the cards that were selected for the book.” — Sports Collector’s Daily


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